Hi. I am Vipul Thakur.

User Experience Designer. Web Developer. Perpetual Dreamer.

I am a second year Masters student in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from Georgia Tech.
I strive to learn about the complex relationship between humans and the ever-innovating "computer"; and how both influence and adapt around each other - at the same time.

I have previously worked for 3 years in IT Services with AtoS India on a Knowledge Management Application for Schlumberger. Involved in managing their Web systems and regular client interactions, I have developed the following belief system:

Belief 1 : A beautifully coded system with lack of design, will fail to capture a user's attention.
Belief 2 : A well designed system/ interface, with no focus on user needs, will excite briefly, but fail to satisfy in the long run.
Belief 3 : A system designed purely based on user needs is a myth. A designer must find a sweet spot between the user needs and the client's needs.

Code. Design. User Needs. Client Needs.

As a student (and professional) I try to achieve a unision of these 4 parallels. I have taken a mix of design courses (like this) and management courses (like this) to achieve my desired skillset.

My Focus

Mobile & Tablet Interaction Design, Web App Design & Dev , (Info)graphic Design & Connected Devices