Taking care of a growing toddler is hard. Infants and toddlers need special attention from caregivers in order to live a healthy and happy life.

SmartKids is a journey to understand the activities and needs of parents and teachers; and developing a system to help them effectively manage the life of their children.

In order to learn about the health and learning needs of children, we interviewed several parents, nursery teachers and a child psychology expert. Based on the inputs we received, we formulated personas for four users:

Baby: Being a toddler, Jeremy spends most of his time either sleeping or playing around with his family members. He has reached an age where he is fascinated by arbitrary objects Read More...

Parent: Jason and Jennifer have been married and living in Atlanta for the past 11 years. Jason has been working as an independent consultant Read More...

Teacher: Elizabeth had to start working at an early age to support her family. In high school, she used to babysit her neighbors kids Read More...

Doctor: Dr. Karen Mascarenhas is one of the best pediatricians practicing in Atlanta today. Her success is a result of her skill, hard work and most importantly, genuine love Read More...

We iterated through numerous brainstorming sessions and narrowed down to three major task categories

Capture. Share. Analyse.

These three primary tasks, formed the basis of our future designs.

We began wiht sketches & storyboards at an early stage, working on divergent ideas. We presented our top four design ideas to users and fellow class-mates, finally converging onto ONE design.
Next, we prepared wireframes (using Balsamiq) for each screen, laboriously deliberating on the various possible interactions and system features. The next stage was building the actual prototype. This was in two parts: 1) Mocking up the iPad application (in Justinmind), 2) Hacking a baby jumper with cameras and sensors.

Wizard-of-Oz : Baby Jumper >

Three cameras at 120° from each other on the surface of the baby jumper, were simulated using 3 iPhones taped to the surface. A black pad was stuck to simulate a sensor pad on the surface of the baby jumper, which would sense the activity levels.

iPad Prototype v

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  • iPad app walkthrough

    iPad app walkthrough
  • Infinite Timeline

    Infine Timeline
  • Streaming Video

    Streaming Video
  • Photo/Video Gallery

    Photo/Video Gallery
  • Share & Label photos

    Organize & Share photos
  • Activity Center

    Activity Center
  • Integrated App Store

    Integrated App Store